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telescope photography with your phone

How to Take Images Through a Telescope with Your Smartphone

The universe’s wonders have always fascinated me; telescopes provide a window into the celestial realm. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to capture stunning images of the milky way, its planets, and other astronomical objects using your smartphone.  In this article, I will guide you through capturing breathtaking images through a telescope…

Nature photography with phone

How to Stay Safe While Taking Photos in Nature

Nature photography is a thrilling and rewarding pursuit. Whether you’re an amateur shutterbug or a professional photographer, capturing the beauty of the great outdoors can be an awe-inspiring experience. However, it’s essential to prioritize safety while immersing yourself in nature. From unpredictable weather conditions to encounters with wildlife, outdoor smartphone photography presents unique challenges. In…

Fix Smartphone Camera Blurry Image

Why are my Smartphone Photos not Sharp? Clear Solutions from a Pro

Imagine spending three hours on the beach to get the best sunset picture imaginable, and they turn out unsharp or blurry. You must be disappointed. It happened to me in my early days as a photographer.  You don’t want to miss other once-in-a-lifetime shots because you can’t get a crystal clear picture. But, even if…

Moment Lens Mount

The Ultimate Moment Gear Guide for Phone Photographers

Moment has designed and manufactured tons of fantastic photography accessories over the last few years. What started as a smartphone photography community has grown into a photography and videography store with gear, courses, and presets for smartphone and DSLR enthusiasts.  With many products come many questions. So I have put together a list of the…

Fix Smartphone Camera Blurry Image

My smartphone camera is not working. A clear list of solutions

Your smartphone and its camera have probably become vital to your everyday life. Especially when you want to become a (professional) smartphone photographer. Nothing is more annoying than a smartphone camera that won’t work. But what causes errors and black screens, and how can you quickly fix them? No worries! Help is on its way….

Lightroom Photo Editor & Pro Camera

What is Smartphone Photography? Is it a profession?

The world has many outstanding photographers that use DSLR cameras to take stunning images. But are there smartphone photographers who make a living by taking photos with a smartphone?  Before I answer these questions, let’s take a look at what smartphone photography is.  Smartphone photography is the art of taking, editing, and sharing unique images…

Joby Gorillapod with Smartphone

Why I still Love my Joby Gorillapod for Smartphone Photography

When someone talks about a Gorillapod, you probably think about those odd-looking round ball joints. At least, it’s the first thing on my mind when I think about this indispensable piece of my smartphone photography equipment. But why is this Joby tripod so popular for smartphone photographers? I will tell you in a second. But…

Underwater Smartphone Photography

Which Smartphone is Best for Underwater Photography

Although many smartphone manufacturers claim that their devices are waterproof, it does not necessarily mean you can take stunning underwater pictures without ruining your camera. We have done some research and came up with our top 3 best smartphones for underwater photography. And we will give you several tips to use your current mobile underwater. The best…

Budget Camera Phones 2020

The Complete 2021 Guide for Affordable Smartphones with the Best Camera

To get started as a smartphone photographer, you do not have to break the bank. Nowadays, there are many payable phones with good quality cameras to begin your smartphone photography adventure.  In this Complete 2021 Guide for Affordable Smartphones, we will guide you through well-established brands and newcomers on the smartphone photography market.  You will…

Orange and Teal Effect with Phone

How can I create an orange and teal effect with my smartphone?

Have you ever seen those Instagram profiles with amazing popping pictures with beautiful oranges and blues? Big chance you are looking at the orange and teal effect that is widely used in the photography industry.  This article will guide you through several methods to create your orange and teal filter. Don’t worry; it is not…

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G

Which smartphone is the best for professional photographers? Our top 3

If you want professional results that cannot be distinguished from a DSLR camera, you have come to the right place. We have done extensive research on recent Smartphones and their photography capabilities. The best camera phone will be able to take photographs that leave you breathless. They combine ease of use, versatility, size, and small…

Photo Editing Apps 2020

The Best 3 Smartphone Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

Over the past few years, the number of mobile photography apps has been overwhelming. You don’t need to worry. We have put together a list of Smartphone Photography Applications you should not miss. Our favorite three apps are included. You will up your photography game once you know how to make beautiful compositions and make…

How do I take a picture of flowers on my Phone? A beginners guide

How do I Take a Picture of Flowers With my Phone? A Beginners Guide

One of the most popular subjects for photographers is flowers. There are many beautiful flowers in this world. Beginner smartphone photographers will have a great time practicing with these colorful objects. You can even stay at home and use the flowers in your garden or on your balcony.  So how do you photograph flowers? There…

Smartphone Concert Photography

Concert Photography with your Smartphone. A Beginner’s Guide

Give yourself a beautiful souvenir of an unforgettable concert by taking stunning photographs with your phone. But how can you do that without having over or underexposed images? It isn’t easy to take a picture in low-light conditions with moving objects all around you. Do not despair! With these few tips, you will make creative…

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