Remote Bluetooth Shutter for Smartphone

Remote shutters for Smartphones

They are cheap, lightweight, and they boost your smartphone photography performance; our top picks in wireless remote shutters for smartphones. And for a few dollars, you can’t go wrong with these handy devices. Read more about our favorite remote shutters and why you should use them in this article. 

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Top Pick for Photographers

Remote Shutter

Zodiac Premium Bluetooth Shutter

This remote shutter works with both Android and iPhones. It is lightweight, affordable, and useful. You can release the shutter up to 30 feet from your smartphone. The manufacturer uses premium USA Bluetooth technology, which is much better and faster than other similar devices. It works with the native camera app on your phone.
Keep in mind that it might not work with third-party apps. The Zodiac comes with a brand-new Burst Mode, that is activated by holding down the release button. This premium version comes with a mini tabletop tripod. Check out the latest price

Budget Remote Shutter

Budget Remote Shutter

Troll Tree Bluetooth Shutter​

You cannot find a cheaper, well functioning Bluetooth shutter than the one from Troll Tree. It works with Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher. The working distance is 30 feet, and you can easily pair the device with your smartphone. It works on both iOs and Android.
We have been using this budget Bluetooth shutter for quite some time now and it just does the trick. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this piece of gear. Remember though, you will need a small lithium-metal battery required for this remote shutter. Check out the latest price here. 

All in One Remote Shutter

All In One Remote Shutter

Mooni Bluetooth Shutter​

The Mooni Bluetooth remote shutter works on both Android and iOs devices. It will get you instant pairings via secure wireless connections without shutter lag. It is super easy to use, small, and lightweight, therefore suitable for beginners and advanced photographers. It is a very solid, durable, and reliable choice.
It will work up to 30 feet from your camera phone. The battery is included and works up to 100 hours. A lot of time for photography fun. To add even more fun, you can choose your favorite color. The device comes in black, pink, blue, green, yellow, and white.  Check out the latest price.

Why should I use a remote shutter for my camera phone?

There are a couple of reasons why you should use a remote shutter while taking pictures with your phone. Let’s dive in! 

  1. The sharpness of your pictures
  2. Self-portraits
  3. Group portraits
  4. Long shutter speed
Bokeh in the city

The sharpness of your pictures

The most important reason to use a wireless remote shutter while shooting photos with your smartphone is sharpness. If you want to take your smartphone photography to the next level, using a remote is a must.

The typical way to take pictures with your phone is by tapping the screen. It will cause vibration, that will affect the quality of your image. The focus of the camera changes with every little movement. In some cases, you might even get blurred results.

While using a remote shutter, you won’t be touching the phone. You will get the best results by using the remote with a smartphone tripod. You can find some package deals on Amazon for a couple of dollars.

Use Night Lights in Mobile Photography


Another reason to use remote control is to make self-portraits or photographs in which you need both hands. And selfies with one of your arms in the shot are in the past. You can set the timer, use the remote, get in position, and put the remote out of frame. Think about a wedding photograph were you want to add motion in the veil. Or a distraction for your dog to get a specific image. It will unlock numerous possibilities and give you substantial creative freedom.

Group Portraits with Smartphone

Group portraits

You won’t be needing a photographer at your family reunions. Everybody can be in the picture without having to set a timer and run to pick your spot in the group. Your group portraits get even better while using a tripod as well. Find a tripod with flexible legs and get creative.

Long Exposure Photography

Long shutter speed and shallow depth of field

The result of your images is especially sensitive when shooting with a long exposure, or with a large aperture (small number). The use of a tripod with a remote shutter is necessary. It will prevent your camera from moving. Find the right spot for the picture. Set up your camera, find the correct settings, and get ready to use your remote control.

How can I control my smartphone camera remotely?

You can control your smartphone camera remotely by using a wireless remote shutter, or your headphones with a volume up and down button. 


Put your headphones into the designated socked and start the native camera app on your phone. Choose a composition, focus, and press on the volume up button. Most phones use the volume up button as the shutter release. We can use either the volume up or down button. It will depend on the make, model, and software of your phone.  

Remote shutter

To make sure you won’t move your smartphone while taking pictures, we recommend a wireless shutter. We have created a top 3 buying guide for you. These remote shutters do their job correctly and are for sale for an affordable price. The wireless remotes work with a Bluetooth shutter button. Another advantage besides not having to touch your camera is the distance. Most of the shutters still work at a distance of 30 feet. Creative freedom, yeah! 

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