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Lenses for Smartphones

Can you take even more beautiful photographs with a smartphone lens? We found a lot of answers to pressing questions about mobile lenses. After some serious research, we have come up with some excellent smartphone lenses and why you should use them.

Do smartphone lenses work?

The first question that came to our mind when we started doing mobile photography is: Do smartphone lenses work? Do they improve your photography?

Smartphone lenses can improve the quality of your images from a perspective kind of way. They do not enhance the quality with regards to settings but will give you ample options in macro, wide-angle, and telephotography.

In the past few years, smartphone camera development has taken an enormous leap. Hardware and technology have improved significantly. Every year more megapixels are being used, along with quadruple camera sets, AI-based software, large sensors, and real aperture shutters.

Still, phone cameras can’t do it all these days. That is why there are growing markets and interests in smartphone lenses. Furthermore, it allows low-budget and mid-range smartphone users to create amazing results with just one camera. These mobile lenses will enable you to shoot telephoto, wide-angle, macro, and even 360-degree pictures.

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My 2 favorite ad-on lenses for smartphones

Best smartphone lens kits to boost your photography

To make it easier for you to find the right lens for your phone, we have created a top 3 of payable and good quality lens kits:

Xenvo Lens Kit for Smartphones

Premium Lens Kit

The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is suitable for all single- and dual-camera phones, including all iPhones. The lenses are user-friendly and work intuitively. And what is most important, they don’t degrade the quality of your photos like some lenses tend to do. The lens kit consists of:

  • TruView 0.45x wide-angle lens;
  • Clarus 15x macro lens
  • TruGrip lens clip;
  • GlowClip mini rechargeable LED light;
  • Quick-release lanyard;
  • Case, cleaning cloth, and lifetime warranty.

While the kit is not the cheapest lens kit on the market, it is, in our opinion, definitely worth the price. Here are five reasons why you should buy the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit:

  1. Good image quality
  2. Solid build
  3. Useful accessories like clip-on LED light
  4. Lifetime warranty with registration (free)
  5. How-to videos on the website

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Budget Lens Kit

3 in 1 Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

If you are on a tight budget, but you still want to take some fantastic images with your smartphone, you should give the Kingmas 3 in 1 Lens Kit a chance. This kit contains a fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lens. To use the wide-angle lens, you should use the wide-angle and the macro lens together. Screw them together and put the glasses on the included universal clip. The lenses can be used on a wide range of smartphones, from iPhones to Samsung Galaxy, and many more.

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All-in-One Choice

Miao Lab Universal Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

This extensive lens and filter kit comes with 11 smartphone camera lenses, including ND, CPL, star, grad color filters, kaleidoscope, fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lens. The lenses are made of aluminum, which increases the durability of the products. Furthermore, they are compatible with most smartphones and tablets. You will receive 24 months of warranty from the manufacturer. It is a great, well-priced kit to get creative with your cellphone and shoot some interesting images. But in our opinion, it is not a kit for the professional smartphone photographer but we have had a lot of fun trying them out.

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Photographers Choice

Moment Lens Kit

If you really want to go pro with your smartphone lenses, you have to pick one or more of the Moment collection. They produce high-quality lenses that can be used with specially manufactured O-series lens mounts or M-series cases.

The O-mount will easily enable you to use all Moment Lenses in their collection. You can choose between fish-eye, wide-angle, macro, and anamorphic lenses.

The M-cases are especially handy with smartphones produced from 2017 and onwards.

You can find all their products on Amazon and in the Moment store.