My favorite gear

There are countless smartphone photography accessories available nowadays. I like to share my top picks. Having spent many hours researching and testing the best camera gear on the market, I can recommend these items to beginners and advanced smartphone photographers. 

Keep in mind that not all items on my top list are high-end quality. I am always looking for quality gear at a reasonable price. I will give you my honest opinion about the products. 

If you have a new product you would like me to try out, send me a direct message on Instagram.

➽ I will update the recommended gear page regularly. 

This post may contain affiliate links, purchases made through affiliate links may provide a commission for smartphone photography at no extra cost. Of course, all opinions remain our own. Please read the Privacy Policy for more info.

iPhone 14


Every year new mobile phones get on the market. The smartphone cameras tend to get better with each release. Here are my favorites for this moment.

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Moment Remote Shutter

Remote Shutters

No more shaky pictures. Get super sharp images with these remote shutters. See my favorite from the Moment store and very affordable ones from Amazon.

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Joby Gorillapod 3K


Take your photography to the next level with one of these versatile tripods. Get super sharp photographs with my top picks.

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Moment Wide Angle Smartphone Lens


Take amazing pictures with these quality lenses. Make super-sharp macro and wide-angle images with our top picks.

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Microfiber Cloth for cleaning Lenses

Microfiber cloth

Make sure you clean your camera lenses often. They tend to get dirty rather quickly. These are my favorite cloths.

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Start protecting your phone and camera lenses with these lovely Redbubble cases. Top quality for a reasonable price! You can find my favorite designs for iPhone and Samsung on this page.

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Moment Phone Lens Bag

Gear Bags

Protect your stuff! They will last longer with a sturdy yet fashionable lens bag. You can find mine on this page and some other good-quality alternatives.

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Lensball Kit from Amazon


Get creative with these Crystal Lensballs and accessories.

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Although you can find tons of information on how to use your smartphone for photography on this site, I still like to recommend a few courses from fellow photographers. We all learn from each other.

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