Are Redbubble Smartphone Cases Good and Unique?

Are you looking for a unique, quality smartphone case to protect your mobile? Then, continue reading and discover beautiful designs from independent artists from all over the world.

Protecting your phone and its camera lens(es) would be best. Everyday use can quickly destroy the screen or crack the lenses. I’m known for dropping my phone quickly and breaking the screen (twice) and, therefore, have become more careful about how to keep my phone clean and safe. 

This blog post will cover the quality, price, and most popular smartphone case designs on Redbubble. So you can start protecting your phone safely and stylishly. 

Pro tip: although a case can prevent damage to your smartphone, I still recommend using an additional screen protector and lens protector. Both are available from Amazon.

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Redbubble Phone Cases

My favorite Redbubble Cases

Redbubble Phone Cases Review

Redbubble has three different case options on its website; soft, snap, and tough cases. 

Redbubble Soft Case

Redbubble’s soft cases are durable, flexible cases that grip around the edges of your phone. The shock-absorbent TPU case is treated with an anti-fingerprint finish, so it will keep that stylish look you are looking for. 

I love the unique designs created by independent artists, ink printed on the frosted shell surface at the back of the case, while the edges are semi-transparent with full access to buttons and ports. 

Redbubble Soft Case
Redbubble Soft Case

All soft cases are compatible with Qi-standard wireless charging. And all iPhone 12 and 13 models are compatible with MagSafe charging too.

The printing quality is excellent, and the colors are vibrant and sharp (depending on the design). One thing to notice is that the artwork is printed ON the surface of the soft case and not embedded into the case’s material like they do with the snap and tough case. It could lead to minor scratches depending on how you handle your smartphone. 

I have to say that it is still beautiful after using my case for the last 18 months. 

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Redbubble Snap Case

Redbubble Snap Cases are protective cases that clip on easily on your phone. They are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate shells with a protective lip.

The slim-fitting cases wrap the design around the device and give full access to buttons and ports. Just as the soft cases, these snap cases are compatible with Qi-standard wireless charging and MagSafe or iPhone 12 and 13 models.

Redbubble Snap Case
Redbubble Snap Case

I love that they wrap the fantastic artwork around the sides of the case and print the design directly INTO the material. It gives your phone a smooth and glossy look and prevents scratches from ruining the artwork. Colors will stay vibrant and won’t fade badly even after years of use. 

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Redbubble Tough Case

Redbubble’s Tough Cases are double-layered clip-on protective cases with extra durability. The impact-resistant polycarbonate shell and shock-absorbing inner TPU liner will prevent your phone from cracking when it accidentally falls. 

The colors are embedded directly INTO the case so you can enjoy vibrant designs for many years to come. In addition, you can count on a secure fit with a design that wraps around the side of the case while you can access all buttons and ports. 

Redbubble Tough Case
Redbubble Tough Case

Some users reported small cutouts for the headphone jack and charger port. They are accessible, but you have to be more thoughtful about plugging the charger or headphones.

The Tough Case is compatible with Qi-wireless and MagSafe charging for iPhone 12 and 13 models. 

Despite the extra protective layer, you can still consider the tough one slim compared to other tough cases on the market. 

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Does Redbubble offer good customer support?

What you see on your screen in the Redbubble store is what you get in real life. And if, for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase, Redbubble will refund you without hesitation. I have been a customer of Redbubble since 2016, and the customer service has never let me down!

Redbubble does offer good customer support. Whether the printing quality is not what you expected or the product does not fit, you can reach out to customer service within 90 days of your purchase. I have had some items that did not meet my expectation, and Redbubble refunded or replaced the thing without hesitation. 

Redbubble Home Page

Are Redbubble Cases Durable

All Redbubble Cases are very durable. The Tough Case is sturdy and offers the most protection compared to the Soft and Snap case. People reported falling off bicycles and skateboards without damaging their phones while using a Tough Case. 

Are Redbubble Cases Good?

I have to say yes! Redbubble cases are good. The designs are unique, the colors are vibrant, the printing techniques are excellent, and they will protect your smartphone from scratches and breaking screens. 

According to hundreds of customer reviews on Redbubble’s website, 95% of the users rate the cases with five stars. 4% give a four-star review, and 1% less than that. Pretty excellent! 

Why are Redbubble Cases Expensive?

Honestly, Redbubble Cases are not that expensive compared to other good-quality manufacturers. For example, you can buy a Soft Case for $21, a Snap Case for around $25, and a Tough Case for approximately $30. 

Prices vary due to the commission an individual artist can set. They can choose a percentage. So you will see Soft Cases for $20 and $23 or even higher. Famous designs from well-known Redbubble artists might cost a few dollars more. 

Pro Tip: The case price can get higher due to custom expenses depending on where in the world you live and where the case is shipped from. 

You will get durable smartphone cases with the excellent printing quality, unique designs, and reliable customer service from Redbubble. 

Which Cases are the most beautiful?

Which Redbubble cases are the most beautiful depends on your personal preferences. However, I can tell you which ones I love and which are popular on Redbubble. So here are my top 12. You can find your own favorites on

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