When will the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 be released?

Update August 5th:
Samsung announces Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra 

Samsung does not yet reveal the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, but many rumors have been going on in the last few weeks. Rumors confirmed; it looks like Samsung will release three new mobile devices between August and October of this year. 

The latest rumors, especially the newest tweet from the renowned Samsung leaker Ice Universe, state that the next Galaxy will be released on August 5 2002. It does not say it is the Galaxy Note 20. However, given the number of details of the smartphone, it must be the Note 20. 

It might take a bit longer before the smartphone is available in stores throughout the world. The rollout will probably start on August 20 this year, and from that date, the new phone will be available to buy. 

We believe the launch will be an online event, given the current situation in the world. Samsung confirmed earlier this year in a quarterly report that it will be launching the Note 20 in this year, 2020. 

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What can we expect from the Galaxy Note 20?

Well, we expect quite a lot from the new Samsung Note. They probably will fit a lot of the tech from the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra in Note 20.

You can safely call the Note 20 the next stylus-packing flagship smartphone from Samsung. A will be an amazing mobile device to edit and alter your smartphone images. 

How much will the Samsung Note 20 cost?

Pricing is still a shot in the dark. But we expect it to be just around $1000. At its release date, the Samsung Note 10 smartphone cost about $949. This price range has become somewhat standard for their flagship phones. 

Why is it called Galaxy Note 20 and not Note 11?

Before the Galaxy S20 arrived, we were expecting it to be called the Samsung Galaxy S11. That did not happen. So it is quite safe to assume that the successor of the Note 10 will become the Note 20 (instead of the Note 11).

Leak Samsung Galaxy Note 20

What will the Note 20 Ultra look like?

Thanks to a mistake by Samsung Russia (spotted by Max Weinbach), the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was revealed shortly on the ‘Mystic Bronze’ webpage. It showed a new smartphone with a Bronze finish. Yesterday, the 4th of July, the design looks official. There are new images available that show a complete range from mint green, purple, and bronze. In addition to these modern finishes, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is expected to come in Black, Grey, Silver, and White.

Does the camera set-up differ from the Galaxy S20?

It looks like the Note 20 Ultra design comes with a sleeker camera set-up than the Galaxy S20 range. They have also implemented a new rectangular cut-out below the flash with a dedicated focus sensor. 

Because the rumors about the Note 20 Ultra have been spot on and proven by the leaked images, we might expect other suggestions to be correct. Think about faster storage, superior RAM, a larger battery capacity, next-gen biometric security, and support for 45W charging. Furthermore, you might expect a waterproof metal frame, a prominent rear camera with 108MP, and a 120Hz refresh rate display as used in the S20 series. 

We are excited to see when Samsung will come with more details about this new smartphone range. We will keep you up-to-date as soon as further information comes available. 

For now, you can read more about the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S20, with a whopping 108 MP. We will keep you posted! 

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